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MVC Scaffolder Addin for Visual Studio.

This is still being actively developed and is not ready

This MVC Scaffolder is specifically for Scaffolding with existing Entity framework, it does everything the base MVC5 Controllers do but has Search, Sort, Dropdowns, custom index list and custom details.

To launch open a visual studio MVC project in VS 2012 or VS2013, Right click on your project, click Add, Click New Scaffolded Item... Choose "MVC 5 controller with views, search, sort, dropdowns, using Entity Framework.

Next Choose the Entity Container to use, Then choose the Entity Types from the Selected container, then set options, Show on master page, show in Detail, Is Searchable if there are relationships the comboBox column will be enabled with key and Display field as options.

After generating it will Create 4 Models.
  1. Base Model
  2. Detail Model used on the detail view based on Base Model
  3. Index Model used on the index view based on Base Model
  4. Create Or Edit Model based on Base Model

Views for Create, Edit, Delete, Details, Index.

Based on my other projects and

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